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What can you expect when buying a ROUSH pipe?  I want to just explain a few things about my work that may not be understood.  I make all my pipes with plateau briar from several sources.  My only requirement for wood is it is the best wood available.  I use a secondary curing process I developed over years of experimenting.  I along with many others find the results to be a remarkable first smoke.  No more breaking in process, cool and sweet from the beginning.

y mouthpieces are all hand cut from German Ebonite, Cumberland or Bakelite.  I use Bakelite because of the beautiful color and it is a very traditional material for mouthpieces.  I insert a piece of Delrin for the tennon in all my mouthpieces, which has several great properties.  First is strength.  I did an experiment where I dropped a pipe that was not banded from a height of about 4 feet on a concrete floor.  It did not break the shank or snap the tennon.  So I dropped it another 25 times and no breakage, I believe I can safely say it is a very strong material for tennons.  Second is it smooth fit.  No sticking or squeaking when inserting or removing the mouthpiece.  I do not recommend removing the mouthpiece on a pipe to clean it.  Just use plenty of pipe cleaners.  I make all my pipes so there is only a slight gap between tennon and bottom of mortise for expansion. Several thousandths of an inch is all.  With this, there is no room for any accumulation of tar or moisture.  Also in every Roush pipe you will be able to get a pipe cleaner all the way in to the bottom of the bowl, EVERY piece even, full bents.  You do not have to ask or check to see if it passes the cleaner test, just look at the name on the pipe.  If it says ROUSH it will pass the test.

drill my pipes on a drill press and do all the shaping by hand with sanding discs and files.  I DO NOT use a lathe to do any shaping! Commonly referred to as “turning”.  Most pieces are turned to some extent today.  My way is not very common today in the pipe making world. It is sure not the fastest way but it is the way I would like a pipe made for me and that is the way I like to make a pipe for others.

do all my own silver and gold work. I use only solid Sterling silver or 14K gold. It has almost become a trademark for me and I think it really adds to the piece.  My logo on the mouthpiece is also sterling silver, I inlay by hand as one of the last steps.

hope this answered a few of the common questions and if you have any others please e-mail me, I would be happy to answer your questions.

                                                                             -- Larry Roush

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