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1337 Smooth Pot  - Grade "S"

Height: 1.830 Chamber: .830
Length: 5.300 Diameter: 1.940
Shank Diameter: .780  
Price: SOLD!

NOTICE: If you use the PAYPAL feature you must not use your back button during the purchase or the pipe will not be marked SOLD. Please note the price before proceeding. The total price including shipping will automatically be filled out in the PAYPAL page. Please remember, if you would like this piece and it is on the 15-minute hold Email me and I will reserve it for you as soon as it comes off hold status. What a knock out! I am quite pleased with the results of this piece. I have been very fortunate lately with this new batch of wood. The dark contrast stain really brings out the grain and just look at the top! I do not make many like this and they are quite rare to say the least but I have been getting more lately with this new wood. The beauty of this piece is truly in the grain and I can’t take credit for that, I just made the pipe Hand cut Ebonite mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, solid sterling fitment. Graded “S” @ $1673.00..00 USA SHIPPING INCLUDED (“S” 1650+ 23.00 S&I)

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