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2395 S Natural Smooth Freehand  - Grade "U"

Height: 1.830 Chamber: .860
Length: 5.800 Diameter: 2.200
Shank Diameter: .770  
Price: SOLD!

I am glad this pipe is over! I am always so nervous when making a smooth pipe as any slip can mean disaster and not to mention at any time I can find a pit to change the whole piece. Well as you know I do not make many smoothes and this piece cane out wonderful. It is a very clean piece of wood as evident with the lack of any stain. This piece is a natural colored piece and the mouthpiece goes very well with the color of the wood. Hand cut Tan Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid 14K “Rope” fitment (+$150). Thank you very much for looking.

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