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2220 Natural Dublin  - Grade U

Height: 2.300 Chamber: .850
Length: 6.000 Diameter: 1.960
Shank Diameter: .700  
Price: SOLD!

Here is a rare piece! Last time I got a smooth piece was around 120 pipes ago. This is a real beauty with a natural Plateau top. The piece is one of the cleanest pieces of wood I have had the pleasure of working with. I could have stained it a bit to make the grain pop but this is such a clean piece of wood I could not bring myself to stain it at all. A pipe maker does not get wood this clean too often. It is a very nice piece and something not seen often out of my shop, a real pleasure to work on!. Hand cut Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid sterling silver fitment.. Thank you very much for looking.

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