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2491 Billiard *REVIEW*  - Grade S3

Height: 2.000 Chamber: .730
Length: 5.700 Diameter: 1.630
Shank Diameter: .570  
Price: SOLD!

***REVIEW*** “Well... it arrived. Thank you, again, thank you for this pipe. It is great! I'm breaking it in with CVP. The draw, balance, hand feel, finger feel, and overall quality of this pipe is fantastic. If it smokes great, looks great, and feels great... then it's great, and it sits! It sits like a well-trained dog! Silver work... double check. There is a cadence to people and a cadence to pipes, tobacco, and life... and when they align, it's a beautiful thing. I'll grow old with this pipe. Thank you again Larry.”Daniel P. Here is one of my Billiards with an impressive finish; it came out with a beautiful deep ring grain blast. This Billiard has a slight barrel shape to it and it feels great in the hand. Very comfortable, light weight, slight polished highlights and it is a sitter. This Billiard is another piece from my aged supply of wood, 12-15 years old. Hand cut traditional Cumberland mouthpiece w/Delrin tennon, hand made solid Sterling Silver fitment. Thank you very much for looking.

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